10 Short Independent Games to Stop Boredom

Gaming is a great activity, there is a game for everyone, if you are a casual gamer you probably have some game that you love to play, but sometimes, you just don’t have enough time to play something or just want something to do on a boring day.

itch.io is a page where everyone can upload their games, from amateur developers, someone that just made one game for fun or more experienced ones. And a lot of them are absolutely free.

Most of these games are just experiments that their creators did so if you like them, consider visiting the author and checking what else have they done, you can also donate them if you want.

All these games are available through browsers. I tested them on Opera, OperaGX, Google Chrome and Firefox, but there is also the option to download them.

1.- VenngramHumberto Duarte (15 – 20 minutes)

Venngram by Humberto Duarte

We all know about Venn Diagrams, those nice circles that show relations between different sets. But how about making it a puzzle game? This short game only has 13 levels but it’s a nice concept and a good way to spend time with it’s relaxing music.

2.- Honest Space PenguinsBouzGames(3 – 5 minutes)

Honest Space Penguins by BouzGames

4 penguins flying a spaceship… well, 3 because one of them is just reading Visual Novels. Every Penguin has a minigame that shuffles every few seconds, destroy meteors, put out fire on the ship, order penguins lunchbox and deciding options from the VN. Game is really short, but you can challenge yourself by doing things like not receiving damage or something else.

3.- Lost in SpaceVOiD1 Gaming ( ~20 minutes)

Lost in Space by VOiD1 Gaming

Oh no! Alone in space, with intruders in there, oxigen running low and your ship is on the verge of falling apart. Better find your way out of these problems, controls are simple, and the game is available on Android devices. It is better played on fullscreen, if not, sometimes you don’t see your character at the edges.

4.- TerryRobin Toller Hovler (10 – 15 minutes)

Terry by Robin Toller Hovler

A short suspense story about Terry, a man trying to uncover the truth behind a woman named Amelie death, piece by piece. This is the only first person game on this list and some browsers may be slower than others.

5.- Baloon baloon!Jet Simon

Baloon Baloon! by Jet Simon

Co-op game about not letting a baloon touch the ground, the controls are a bit uncomfortable but it’s still simple and funny if you play with another person. It has 2 levels only and there is only 2 player mode, but you can still play it that way without much problem.

6.- A day in the officeWinRawr (~10 minutes)

A day in the office by WinRawr

Puzzle game where you travel through time to uncover the secrets of a mysterious company through time travel and the help of your fellow co-workers. It’s only Point&Click in case you want to move with the keyboard, that ain’t happening.

7.- Off DayVivian Ha (20 – 30 minutes)

Off Day by Vivian Ha

Visual Novel that talks about the quarantine and how all of us struggle through it, the soundtrack and art are absolutely beautiful, a really nice experience. Plus, look at that cute dog over there, if you like th music or art, check out the credits on the page.

8.- AdultingEric Wilder (~5 minutes)

Aduting by Eric Wilder

What’s a better way to forget the burdens of being an adult than a Game Boy game about adulthood? That’s right nothing. It’s really short, but Eric said there will be updates, so stay tuned for that!

9.- Flippy GolfFyodor Shchukin (~20 minutes)

Flippy Golf by Fyodor Shchukin

Not really a golf game, take control of a golf ball and traverse the rotating platforms to get in the hole. The ball can be awkward to control at first, but it’s just a matter of getting comfortable.

10.- A Simple SurveyBenBonk

A Simple Survey by BenBonk and Deynum

Just a simple survey with a nice english voice guiding you, really easy to answer, it is absolutely impossible to lose. You may notice that i didn’t put an estimate time up there, that is because you can either just go 30 seconds on this or 2 hours if you are a little like me.

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