100 D2R Hell Travincal Runs (Loot)

100 travincal runs loot

Welcome to our 100 run series: Travincal Loot Record. The purpose of this series is to record the loot drops in 100 run increments until we reach 1000 total runs of popular farms.

This specific one focuses on farming the Travincal Council (Hell Difficulty) for chances at high runes. All items listed below are worth at least a Lem rune or higher. Let’s get right into it.

About Travincal

Travincal in Act 3 is one of the most highly farmed locations in Diablo 2 Resurrected due to the quickness, easyness and predictibility of each run. The Zone always has a constant design and not randomly generated.

A travincal run generally takes 1-3 minutes with decent gear.

How to get to Travincal

Return to town after collecting the heart. Use the waypoint area for a return trip to Kurast Bazaar.

Search the Bazaar for the route to Upper Kurast. Once you’ve found the path, go to Upper Kurast and look for the waypoint.

Once you have found the waypoint, look for the massive stone bridge that will lead to the Kurast Causeway. Continue on the Causeway until your reach Travincal.

After entering Travincal, look to the left for a building marked with the waypoint. Once you have obtained the waypoint, it is time to face the Council. For more information on the council, scroll down to the quest number five portion of this guide.

What dropped in 100 Runs of Travincal?

Run 1-100:

  • Run 14: Ist Rune
Ist rune d2r

Run 23: 5/5 Rainbow Facet Jewel Lightning

Run 101-200:

  • Run 181: Vex Rune
Vex Rune

Run 201-300

  • Run 252: Pul Rune
Pul Rune Travincal

Run 264: 1 to Cold Skills Grand Charm

1 to cold skills grand charm travincal

That concludes our summary of what we found in 100 Hell Travincal runs. Stay tuned until next time!