New Battleborn Info at PSX – New Character, Beta, and More

During the PlayStation Experience keynote Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford took to the stage to introduce us all to a cute little penguin called Toby. Well, ok, Toby isn’t that little or cute as he tears s#!t up in his mech suit in the trailer down below. Of course, as the title indicates, Toby will feature in Gearbox’s upcoming title Battleborn (which at one stage Pitchford slipped up and called Borderlands) and only PS4 players will get to try out Toby in the game’s upcoming open beta. As a little extra bonus Pitchford also announced that PS4 players that take part in the beta will gain access to a 26th PlayStation exclusive character – he took great care in emphasising that work won’t begin on the character until the game is finished, so there won’t any be content held from the game for a post-launch release.

Pitchford also took the time to ensure fans that Battleborn will have a huge campaign that’s fully playable in split-screen (take that, Halo!). Anyway take a look at the footage of Toby down below – yeah he’s definitely not that cute after all.

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