18 Best Elden Ring Mods – Easy/Hard Modes, QoL Improvement, and Anime Weapons

Elden ring mod

The Elden Ring Mod community has been hard at work since the game’s release to make it the best it can be. What’s good about gaming, in general, is that you can shape your own experience as you see fit, and your journey does not have to be like any other player. You are the master of your happiness, and these much-needed mods will help you to make your experience in the Lands Between much more accessible, and even crazier than whatever GGRM could ever come up with.

Elden Ring Mods

1- The Dream Mod

Elden Ring as an Action RPG game depends on player level and grinding as much as the individual skill, therefore many things in this game are controlled by numbers and parameters, and that’s why it is very easy to change and modify these parameters through modding work. This mod (Still a work in progress) fulfills all your needs and allows you to adjust any number you see to the percentage you see fit.

Player states, Item Numbers, Crafting Materials, Weapon States, Drop rates. There are even insane functions like super speed, teleportation, freezing enemies, and the ability to modify every type of equipment in the game. If you want to keep playing the normal experience but tweak it a bit for easier accessibility, then this mod is just made for you.

Elden Ring Ultimate Table MOD Link

2- Rev up your graphics card

Let’s all agree that Elden Ring was not the best product of ALL TIME from a technical standpoint, however, the Fromsoftware fandom always comes to the rescue.

Elden ReShade – HDR FX: This mod will give players a true HDR experience like next-gen consoles, and other controls to be able to adjust the effects in the game as you want.

Fix the camera: As literally implied, no fixed camera anymore. Play and check out the scenery and the battles from any angle you want.

Eden LIT – Graphics Overhaul: Completly fixes the color palette, improves lighting, increases ray traced shadows, improves texture quality and removes blur.

Photorealistic Lands Between and Cinematic Effects: Collection of optimized reshades with well-crafted adjustments and vivid details.

High-Resolution Map JPG: Credits go to Fextralife for this one. A high-resolution map you can use to look at the topography in a much clearer way. Maps with markers are currently in the works.

3- Easy Mode (OH NO)

The word that should not be named for soulsbornsekiring fans (I created this word right now). These are mods that are easy to set up and at the same time do not hurt the experience more than intended, so in short words: Easy modes. Yes, deal with it.

Damage Reduction and High rune drop rate: Just these two functions, take care to use them only in offline modes.

Grand Merchant: Access to all items via the crafting menu, except the spells it seems they are glitchy at the moment, but the modder is working on a fix for this issue.

Comfort Mode: Main parameters regen, better stamina consumption and shield guard, in addition to less damage taken/more dealt and more rune drops.

– Also Hard Mode: So you don’t skip this section while reading.

4- Other Elden Ring Mod Stuff

Save File Manager: Easy to use CMD menu for keeping save

PS5 PS4 Controller UI: For players who are not from the master race.

All in one save file: Every item obtained, every NPC quest completed and every enemy slained.

All Endings: All quest lines for different endings completed and ready.

Quality of Life Improvements: Adjusting some values and scaling, if you want very subtle updates and nothing major or immersion-breaking.

Unlock Frame Rate: Up to 999FPS

Rengoku’s Longsword: If you are a die-hard anime fan like me, here is your Kimetsu no Yaiba dose, and there are already many anime-inspired moves in the game like the Shinpou from Bleach and the Dragon roar from Fairy Tail. There are also Zoro and Guts‘ swords if you like One piece and Berserk.

Pause the Game: put the most important one at the end to make sure you were reading.