Bayonetta & Corrin To Conclude The Battle February 3rd

Nintendo earlier this morning took to Twitter to break news to the world of the release date, for its latest and final DLC for, Super Smash Bros. For Wii U & 3DS.

February 3rd is the date (February 4th for Europe) that we will experience the two newly anticipated characters: Bayonetta & Corrin. Both Characters were chosen for development courtesy of a fan public voting poll; these specific characters were 2 of the total 6 highest requested fighters, in which to be added to the game.


If like me, you’re insanely stoked to check out Bayonetta and Corrin before next week, Nintendo have uploaded a video showcasing the two ‘smashing’ it out in a 1 vs 1 timed match:

Releasing along side the two new fighters is a new stage in reference to Bayonetta – named ‘Umbra Clock’. Also, the 6th wave of Mii fighter outfits will available the same day; starring Tails & Knuckles (from Sonic the Hedgehog) & Wendy (from WarioWare), plus more.

Pricing has also been revealed – £5.39/$5.99 for Bayonetta + Umbra Clock Stage for both 3DS and Wii U or £6.29/$6.99 for the both systems. Where as Corrin will be set at £4.49/$4.99, or £5.39/$5.99 to attain Corrin for both systems. As for the 6th wave of Mii fighter costumes, these will be attainable at the cost of £0.69 per characterised costume or £1.09 for, again, both systems; better yet, a bundled package will save your pennies even further at a value of £4.14/$4.50 you’ll have access of wave 6’s costumes or £6.64/$6.90 if you choose to grab them for your smashing on the go, as well as in the living room (or basement… wherever you’ve placed your blessed Wii U).

Approaching the end of supported DLC for Super Smash Bros. is nothing short of a sad, yet inevitable expectation, but it’s also a wonderful one.

Source: Twitter


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