Titanfall 2 To Have A Single-Player Campaign

When Titanfall launched back in 2014, critics mostly praised the game’s fast-paced and frenetic multiplayer whilst lambasting the thin and poorly executed online campaign mode that largely acted as an extended tutorial.

Developers Respawn Entertainment announced a sequel early last year but things have been largely quiet since then. Until now. In an interview with Forbes, lead writer Jesse Stern has revealed the strides in which the studio is looking to make with Titanfall 2, and it starts with including a single-player campaign.


Stern told Forbes that having a dedicated single-player campaign will allow them “ to deliver a vision of grand colonial warfare retelling the story of the American Revolution and the American Civil War in space.” He also revealed that he expects the sequel to be released “on all platforms” and provides a tentative release window of “sometime late this year or early next.”

With the recent trend of multi-player only games sparking heated debate about the importance of single-player campaigns, this news is sure to prove welcome for many.

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