1993 Space Machine Game Finally Released 23 Years After Development Finished

We’ve heard of video games, movies and music albums being released some time after they’ve been officially finished. There’s usually a good reason for the delay between development of the product finishing and the eventual release, though we reckon this one has taken the crown.

Space Machine was developed in the bedroom of Krister Karlsson 23 years ago, but it never actually released. Back in 1993, Karlsson and his mates had planned to release the game on the Amiga but due to difficulties within the team (probably homework duties and taking the bins out for mum) the game was never released, even though it was finished.

Fast forward from 1993 and we’re sat here in 2016 with that very game on Steam. The game is exactly as it was developed, though the game has been given a new engine to make sure that it runs on modern hardware.

“This is a very exciting day in my life. Finally, the game that was developed in my childhood room back in 1993 is ready, even though it took 23 years to finish it.” Says Krister Karlsson, Game Designer. “When this is released I might just have to look for other unfinished projects – like cleaning the basement.”

It makes for a pretty neat story, doesn’t it? The game is out today on PC via Steam. There’s also a trailer embedded down below. It’s like looking into the past. That’s deep, man, deep.

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