Gran Turismo 7 Developer Polyphony Shifts a Gear With Hiring Spree, Companion App Confirmed

Gran Turismo 7 has been in development for a while now, yet we’ve heard next to nothing about the game. It has been speculated that we’ll get an official unveiling of the PlayStation exclusive racing simulator sometime later on this year, either at Paris Games Week or the Tokyo Game Show.

While it’s still yet to be confirmed that Sony will be giving us all our first glimpse at Gran Turismo 7 at either event, it does look like the series developer – Polyphony Digital – is gearing up for what by now should be the final stretch in Gran Turismo 7’s lengthy development cycle. The studio recently posted no fewer than thirteen new available jobs over on its website, one of which is for a ‘mobile application engineer’ who will work on iOS and Android devices to build a companion app for Gran Turismo.

Companion apps are all the rage these days, so we’re not too surprised to learn that Gran Turismo 7 will be getting one, too. Hopefully it’ll be available launch day, unlike Driveclub’s app which almost a year on, still hasn’t been released, though apparently it’s “coming soon”.


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