20th Anniversary DualShock 4 and Gold Wireless Headset Already Sold Out

Cripes – it looks like PlayStation 4 owners are eager to get their hands on any and all PlayStation paraphernalia. We reported a couple of weeks ago that the retro PS4 20th anniversary DualShock 4 and the gold wireless headset were available for pre-order over at Amazon.com.

Today we’re bringing you bad news, well, it’s bad if you want to get your hands on the pieces; both items have already sold out ahead of their release on September 1st. It’s pretty gutting for those who were hoping to pick one up without pre-ordering, but these things sell out like hot cakes. Basically, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

We’ve no idea when the duo will be back in stock, but we’ll keep you updated when they do. Nice, aren’t we?

Did you manage to place your pre-order for the funky controller and headset, or are you crying salty tears of remorse? Cheer – or weep – down in the comments section below.

[Update] We’ve just learned that the controller is still available via Amazon.ca for $74.99 Canadian. So if you’re really, really desperate to get your mitts on the game pad, there’s still an option.

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