News: 22cans’ Godus Reaches Funding Target, Now They Want More

godus kickstarterFeeling godly?

22cans’ Godus has finally achieved the funding goal of £450,000 on crowd sourcing site Kickstarter. It doesn’t stop there though, oh no, now the developers are reaching out once more in the hope of achieving even more funding to build further on the game.

22cans posted a message on their Kickstarter project page, the team explained what they hope to achieve and what they will be able to achieve once they reach their new goals. The full post is below:

Hello everyone,

We’ve always said that Kickstarter is like a roller coaster, we have under 50 hours to go to raise just under 4% of our goal! So the time has come to announce our stretch goals to all of the (nearly) 14,000 individuals who have backed us.

  • £460k – 3 additional single and multiplayer game modes

Whilst we are basing the main inspiration for our competitive multiplayer on Populous and Dungeon Keeper, we would love to explore our land-sculpting and weather technology to inspire some brand new and exciting game modes! With some extra funding, we can test out some super unique competitive gameplay and then get it in front of you, the backers, in our early beta play tests. You guys can then tell us the features you think have the potential to make the final cut.

  • £475k – Begin your own sect. A deep social and competitive feature

We would love to expand even further on the previously mentioned clans with a very deep social and competitive feature. With more funding, you will have the choice of starting your own religion or joining an existing one. As the leader of a religion you can have other players join under you as chapters, and your individual successes will be shared amongst the religion members, with you as leader benefiting greatly. Otherwise, you can join an existing religion as a chapter to receive smaller but more secure benefits. A strong leader will draw in many players to join them, but joining up to an existing religion will more likely bring success. The success you receive is determined by the average success of a religion however, so choose wisely, as large numbers does not necessarily mean overwhelming success. Players will be ranked within a religion, but all players within a religion must also work together to move their religion up in the rankings overall. We hope to expand greatly on this feature, so help us reach our stretch goal!

  • £485k – JAMES LEACH writes game story. Original, Bafta award winning writer of Black and White

We will be in a position to call on the services and talents of James Leach, the BAFTA-winning original writer for Black & White, Populous: The Beginning, Dungeon Keeper, Fable, Theme Hospital and dozens more. He’ll write the GODUS story, create unique on-line content and will collaborate with, and integrate the best and most original ideas provided by any backers who fancy getting involved and writing themselves some gaming history.

  • £500k – Multiplayer CO-OP and POSSESSION MODE. 1st person world crafting

We have competitive multiplayer in GODUS, but as we have discussed in our design videos, we would love to expand into Cooperative Gameplay. Something we would love to develop, and then play test with backers, is to have gods teaming up to control one set of followers battling against other pairs of gods. We would have epic team God vs. God matches in online multiplayer, as well as two players teaming up to fight AI gods in campaign battles. In addition we want players to be able to invite other gods into their home-world so that they can join each other in sculpting their lands and growing their populations.

  • £550k – Linux and OUYA console supported

We love OUYA and LINUX and we’re especially excited by the former, which is a platform being born out of Kickstarter. Unquestionably it will be a challenge to build GODUS for the OUYA platform, especially with a controller, but it’d be breaking exciting new ground and we’re confident we’ll make this work.


It’s another ambitious project by one of the most respected men in the industry, Peter Molyneux, who single handedly gave birth to the “god game” genre.

You can pledge your support for Godus over on the Kickstarter page which you can get to here. The project has 26 hours remaining (correct at the time of writing) and is sitting on just over £479,000.

Have you pledged to Godus? Is it something you’re interested in? Let us know what you think in the comments below.