2Dark Coming to Xbox One Soon, Trailer Released (Sort of)

Update: And we’ve just found that there was an official announcement on the official Xbox newswire. You can have a look over here and get the info you so desire.

There’s another indie game hitting consoles very, very soon, though we’re not ones to judge a game by who makes it. The game in question is 2Dark and it comes from the designer of the original Alone in the Dark and Little Big Adventure. Players will take the mantle of an ex-cop who is looking to find his children who have been kidnapped by some horrible sod.

There’s a description down below from the trailer, and then below that you’ll find the actual trailer. What you won’t find is the release date as that’s being kept under wraps for now, but we do know that it’s coming to PS4 as well as Xbox One. However, there’s yet to be an official announcement and the trailer below is actually unlisted, so we shouldn’t really be watching. Oops.

The object of the game is to rescue as many children as possible from the claws of psychopathic serial-kidnappers, and the task is daunting. You have to take on a slew of serial killers in their lairs, avoid their henchmen, and slip by their traps. You only have your trusty Smith & Wesson with you on your adventure, so you must rely on your skills and wits if you are to succeed. And that’s not all! You then have to find a way out, accompanied by terrified and disobedient children. Over the course of the different levels, you will discover what has been terrorizing the town of Gloomywood!

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