New High Quality Image and Short Clip of “Leaked” PS4 MediEvil Appear Online [Updated]

A little earlier today a short clip was released to Youtube that supposedly showed off the main character from MediEvil making a comeback on the PS4.

The authenticity of the clips and images are dubious at best, but to satiate your curiosity there’s a new clip online as well as a new higher detailed image which are both available to view down below.

It’s hard to truly tell if these are excellent fakes or genuine assets from a MediEvil remake, but bear in mind we are gearing up toward E3 so every leak must be taken with a healthy dose of of the ol’ sodium.

[Update] The twitter account that posted the clips and images has made a claim that more will be leaked tomorrow. We’ll have to wait and see.

Check them out down below and cast your doubts in the comments.

Please be real…

[Update] It was too good to be true, folks. The leaker has confirmed that the demo clips and images we saw yesterday were created using Unreal Engine 4 as a way to show Sony that there is still a lot of interest in MediEvil.


via: twitter, youtube

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