3DS Gets Even More Stable With 10.0.0-27U Update

Just when you thought your trusty 3DS couldn’t possibly get any more stable, Nintendo knocks all expectations out of the park by making the handheld even more stable than ever.

Okay, we’re having a bit of a sly dig here, but in all seriousness, there is a new update for the 3DS family of consoles that you should probably go ahead and download.

There are no major changes to the system with version 10.0.0-27U, but according to Nintendo it adds “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.”

So, go on and test out the new stability by balancing it on the head of your chubby cat. It’s guaranteed not to fall to the ground*.

Noticed anything else in the new 3DS update, or is it just, like, super-duper stable now? Brag about your stability down in the comments section below.

*Not guaranteed.

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  1. how about balancing it on a pin needle, while tiptoeing across the grand canyon, on a very thin wire, while a ravaging sand storm is blowing and you have 5 desert vultures constantly attacking.

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