4 Best strategic FPS Games of 2021

escape from tarkov

There’s all-hell-breaks-loose shooting games, and then there’s tactical or strategic shooter subgenre that contains progressive gameplay and hours of virtual combat. This game genre is continually developing, and we are here to give you the lowdown on the best strategic FPS games you shouldn’t miss.

Newbies or casual gamers might find tactical-based FPS games to be really challenging, especially with its crazy steep learning curve.

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When you plan on entering the world of the best strategic FPS games, you need to brace yourself for multiple gadgets, multitasking, breaching doors (or walls) with a squadron, and plotting the most strategic attack method even before you press “play”. To thrive and survive the best strategic FPS games, you need to practice good teamwork and bring along a whole lot of patience. Ready to see our list? Let’s start with – 


Released in April 2005, SWAT 4 was developed by expert first-person shooters under Irrational Games, responsible for developing some of the most critically-acclaimed FPS games of all time, like BioShock and System Shock 2.

As the name implies, SWAT 4 puts the player as the head of a SWAT team. The main goal of the game is to accomplish tricky objectives, say for example, rescuing a hostage while only resorting to lethal force when absolutely needed – as what real life SWAT men (and women) do. 

Hell Let Loose

There’s nothing like a WW2-themed first person shooting game like Hell Let Loose. If you’re into the guerilla warfare hype and all, you’ll surely be thrilled with what this game has to offer. Dive into the game’s awesome graphics and engaging gameplay with your comrades. 

Initially, Hell Let Loose was just a crowdfunded project from Kickstarter platform. It surprisingly generated a huge amount which led to the release for the PC version in 2019. Technically, the game is just a newbie compared to other classic FPS games, but it’s a shooting game worth watching out for.

What we like about this game is its realistic gameplay, following real-time physics like bullet travel and bullet drop. It’s not just all about shooting and killing enemies – you need to strategically aim to maim! If you shoot someone who’s too far away, the trajectory of the bullet will be affected as it shoots through the air. As we said, aim to maim, comrade!

Escape From Tarkov

This game uses a unique launcher exclusively made for the game, similar to how Fortnite operates. In short, this game is not for everyone but, for those who can access it, Escape from Tarkov is definitely worth checking out.

While Escape from Tarkov is tactical-based, the inventory management is worth commending. If you’re familiar with other survival games like Z1 Battle Royale and PUBG, then you’d know what we are talking about. Escape from Tarkov may still be in its beta stage since July 2017, but it has already amassed an impressive number of players all around the world.

The game supports various maps, which gives players diverse options when it comes to gameplay. If you need some help navigating through the different maps, check out this comprehensive Escape From Tarkov interchange map.


The tagline of this game simply screams ‘best strategic FPS game’ – Communicate, Coordinate, Conquer. Squad is an online-multiplayer FPS that aims to give its big player community awesome combat realism through teamplay and communication.

The game is actually built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4, and it pits teams of up to 50 people in intense modern-day combat scenarios. The gameplay environment couldn’t be more realistic, with organic and emergent gameplay creating an intense and entertaining atmosphere.

Some players make the mistake of likening Squad to Call of Duty and boy, do they get a big reality check once they jump in the game. The game is much too intense and harsh compared to COD, it would have to literally jump out of the monitor and slap you if it could. This is THE battlefield for hardcore FPS gamers.

..and that rounds up our top 4 best strategic FPS games for 2021! When we say the best, it’s not just all about hype. We truly believe in the potential of these games, we’ve enjoyed it, and we hope that you do too!

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