4 Most Desired Features/Changes from Beta Testers in New World

The goal of this article is to discuss the top 4 most desired features for New World, and redirect readers to popular reddit posts where they can voice their opinions.

Players should also utilize the Official New World forums to voice their concerns directly with Amazon.

Faster Running or Mounts in New World

Many players are complaining in game and also taking to Reddit to discuss their disdain for the amount of running in the game. It takes a long time to run from objective to objective, and the only other alternative is to fast travel if you are at a settlement, outpost, or shrine.

Players should definitely take advantage of the fast travel system, but there need to be other ways to get around.

Mounts would be a good addition to the game to speed up traveling. Many argue that it would take away from the game’s beauty and charm. There has also been much discussion around the in game cash shop and related perks. A lot of New World is about stopping places while you journey somewhere. Whether that stop is to gather some herbs, mine some ore, or kill some animals for hide.

Another suggestion has been to increase speed while traveling on a road. This would have you still running as a player, but simply speed up if you stick to a road. Personally, I don’t think this is a viable solution because it would still end up being faster in most cases to just run in a direct line to your objective.

If you want to voice your opinion on this topic, to alert the developers of New World, here is a popular reddit post discussing this:

In any case, there is a strong argument behind saying that there needs to be a solution. Even after only 1 week in beta, a large number of people have an issue with how much running is needed. The question is, what really is the right solution while keeping the game’s spirit and world engaging?

Let Players Select Their Own Starting Area in New World

Players have been talking across several reddit posts as well as discord servers about starting areas. When you start in a New world starting area, the game randomly assigns it to you.

The issue with this, is that New World is suppose to be an MMO. MMO means many players want to play with their friends. A lot of players are looking to play with a set group of friends as soon as the game is launched on August 31st.

If you cannot choose a starting area, you will be assigned one randomly, which means that you are not guaranteed (actually, you are unlikely) to be assigned the same starting area as your friends.

If you want to voice your opinion on this topic, to alert the developers of New World, here is a popular reddit post discussing this:

Accept The Same Quests When In A Group

Much like the previous point, players like to play with friends. This is an MMO after all.

There has been additional discussion on tweaking the quests on the town project board. Players are asking that when they are in a party, they should be able to pick up the same quests so they can work on them with friends.

Currently, the quests players pick up is random regardless of being in a party or not. The simple tweak to allow party goers to accept the same quests together, would be a very welcome addition.

Don’t believe me? Try these slew of reddit posts of people complaining about this:

Make Bullets and Arrows Weigh Less

Bullets and Arrows in New World currently weigh 0.1. This means a stack of 500 will weigh 50. For players who are primarily ranged, they typically want to carry thousands of ammo if possible, especially to prepare for a potentially long dungeon run.

Another redditor notes, this is why a lot of ammo systems get scrapped in these types of games. They are tedious to manage and it eats up bag space compared to players who do not use these weapons, and ultimately adds to frustration.

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