4 New World Bugs Amazon Must Fix Before Release

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Today we walk through some of the key major or inconvenient New World bugs currently in the beta build as of the end of the beta. Some of these New World beta issues are bigger than others. All of them have created inconvenience and/or frustration for players.

We have provided videos or screenshots as well. This will help illustrate exactly what is happening in the game.

Swimming in New World is Bugged

During the Beta, players had a lot to say about many aspects of the game. One of the issues everyone noticed quite quickly, is that the swimming animation in New World is non-existent. When a player enters the water, they simply just keep walking as if it were normal. The player sinks to the bottom of the body of water and walks on the ground underwater.

This swimming bug in New World has perplexed players as to how could the game get this close to release without a swimming animation? Pretty much any game that involves being able to enter water should require a swimming animation, and this just does not make sense.

Here’s a quick clip we’ve recorded to show the state of “swimming” in New World Beta:

Fishing Animation New World Bug Changes Camera Orientation

Fishing in New World so far has been a blast. That first sentence seems odd, because what’s so exciting about fishing? The truth is, it is a very relaxing way to farm fish as well as other rare items. Sometimes you can catch a treasure chest while fishing. The treasure chest has many gems inside of it that are usually uncommon or rare, which means that fishing can return quite a haul of valuable goods you won’t otherwise come across in the early game.

One annoying little inconvenience with fishing does exist as of the beta. This adds to the list of New World bugs and affects the animation after certain fish. Most of the time when you fish, the animation is smooth. You cast, you reel in, and you catch your fish, then keep going.

However, sometimes when you catch a more uncommon or rare fish in New World a bug happens. This fishing bug changes the animation, and leaves the player’s camera looking downward at the player. Each time this happens, the player needs to adjust the camera and re-aim at the spot they want to hit. Redditor HashiraObi also mentioned this in a post, so we’ve used and credited his screenshot here as it shows the flow of events.

Credit: Redditor HashiraObi

Running Down Stairs New World Bug Makes You Fall

When you are running downstairs in New World, sometimes your character will basically jump/fall down several steps. It is like the character model doesn’t realized there are more steps below. The character shows a falling animation and skips down 4 or 5 steps at once until he lands on his feet again.

This one of New World bugs isn’t exactly too troublesome or game-breaking. It does affect immersion for some players and gives the game an unfinished feeling. It seems like Amazon Games should be able to fix this falling down stairs New World issue fairly easily.

This issue has plagued MMOs for a long, long time. It is almost a given that this issue will happen at the launch of an MMO. This hasn’t stopped players from suggesting that something needs to be fixed for launch to increase the amount of spawns. Some quests that ask you to kill bears and skin them for example. The issue here is that many people have picked up the same quest from the town project board. (Which, by the way, is still the best way to level in New World).

The Games Cabin isn’t convinced this is the most important change to make at this point. There are still many changes and that players are looking to see. We’ve included it here as it does seem to be a hot topic on the New World bugs and suggestions forum posts. But with so many other hot topics that will last much longer than just over-populated launch time, there are better issues for Amazon Games to deal with.

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