4 New World Settings to Optimize Your Gameplay

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Introduction and Source

All of the following tips for New World settings to change is from straight from YouTuber TheWhelps. He posted on Reddit this morning and therefore all credit for these go to him. If you’d like to watch his video, it is posted here. For those of you who prefer to read, we’ve broken down his points below.

1. Maximize Your Field of View in New World

One of the first settings you should change immediately upon logging into New World is the Field of View slider. If you max out this setting by sliding the cursor all the way to the right, you will notice a huge difference in how much you see around you.

You will find the Field of View slider within the “Visuals” section of the settings in New World.

This is a great change to make so you can see enemies, resources, and other players from a much wider range of view and be ready for anything.

2. Enable Automatically Climbing / Vaulting Over Obstacles

You can enable “Auto-Traverse” from the Gameplay section of the settings in New World. This will allow you to automatically climb over obstacle such as rocks or fences while you are moving. This is very handy to have enable especially if you have auto run enabled to travel a long distance.

3. Enable Your UI To Always Show Weapons

Also in the Gameplay section of the settings, you can find “HUD – Always Show Weapons”. When you turn this section on, you will always be able to see your backup weapon on your UI and also all of the skills related to this. This is a handy way to keep track of your weapon cooldowns and know when exactly to swap back and forth to make the most of your cooldowns.

4. Set a Keybind for Swapping Weapons

By default, swapping weapons is bound to 1 and 2 on your keyboard. You can change this keybind in the Key Bindings section of the settings to something else. I personally have my swap weapons keyed to one of my side mouse buttons. This makes swapping weapons while dodge or roll-cancelling much easier.

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