4 trading card games you can play for Free

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Who doesn’t love a good trading card game? The excitement of opening a pack of cards, expecting to get something awesome or at least good and facing off your friends or unknown people to test your skills. Sadly, it has become quite expensive to be part of the TCG world these days but fortunately, there are some trading card games you can play for free. Which one are they? Let’s find out!


Although there are many things that can be said about Activion-Blizzard as a company, that doesn’t make their star game, Hearthstone, any less funny. Based on their vastly and enormous game, World of Warcraft, this trading card game has a huge variety of characters, rarities and avatars that can be used in-game. And not from the MMORPG game only, but it also has references from pop culture, like the legendary Leeroy Jenkins, who got made in a card in the game.

And of course, the game is completely free, available in the App Store with in-game purchases available. Overall is a very fun game and F2P at times, often underrated compared to other games from the company. But if you like WoW and TCG, you are probably going to love this one too.

Legends of Runeterra.

When Arkane released on Netflix (still waiting on Season 2, by the way), many had the worst idea anyone ever had: Hey, this series is good, let’s try the game it’s based on: League of Legends. And a terrible fate awaited them. Luckily, there is a game that fans of the world of LoL can enjoy and that is Legends of Runeterra. A very cool and charismatic TCG online game with some impressive artwork. 

While its gameplay is a bit tacky and often has a slow pacing, it quickly fades away when you start using your favorite characters against many opponents in PVP. Not the best game out there, but it’s definitely more entertaining than Hearthstone.


At this point, everybody knows what Gwent is, either by playing it on The Witcher 3 or watching the majestic card of Roach glitching on a farm house while Geralt looks at his dear friend confused. A fantastic game, that’s all there is to say, with some incredible fan service to properly excite any fans of the saga. Its gameplay is a bit more technical and requires more of your attention, but it pays off once you begin making your strategies, destroying all your adversaries…or falling before them. Up to you.

The artwork in its cards is sublime and no matter what team you pick to play, there is no reason whatsoever not to want each one of them. A great game for someone looking for an TCG live game, an excellent one if you are a fan of The Wticher saga.

Yu Gi Oh: Master Duel.

This is it, if you want a fun game that also feels like a punch full of nostalgia while it’s easy to play, you can’t get any better than Yu-Gi-Oh. Especially Master Duel, its most recent outing, which has been incorporating all the new stuff that has been added since the early days of the game. Synchros, Xyz, Pendulums, Links, all it’s there! Plus all the original cards every fan loves.

The game itself is easy to play and it’s very F2P, giving a lot of rewards as soon as you begin playing. You can make your decks without any complications and even share your deck with the community. If you like Yu-Gi-Oh, this is the game for you. However, bear in mind that, if you are a player from the early days, you’ll have to learn a lot and the game may not feel as it was for you when you were young. Still, the game’s soul and spirit is still there, ready to help you become the Master Duelist you deserve to be.

Special mention to Pokemon TCG Live, which is still in Beta as this article is being written but let’s hope it comes out soon. Have any other TCG games that could be in this list? Let me know in the comments down below. And feel free to check more articles by clicking here.


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