5 Easy Steps to Check Your GameStop Gift Card Balance

check gamestop gift card balance

Having some cash left on your GameStop gift card doesn’t mean you can no longer check your balance. You should not lose it since you can easily use it later or give it as a present to someone else.

There are many options for any given situation. One of which is GameStop gift card balance checking and using the funds on it.

Checking GameStop gift card balance is a great step towards getting more value out of something that you already have in your hand. If you want to use the entire credit, then this 5 steps guide will help you do that.

How to Check GameStop Gift Card Balance?

This step by step guide will provide you with all the information needed in order to do so and enjoy spending this credit. Just make sure you follow these 5 easy steps! 

1. Visit website and check prices

Go to https://www.gamestop.com. Find the product of your choice. Check the prices of items you are interested in buying on GameStop’s website for more than one item and add them up to avoid mistakes when entering the Balance Check page later on. You need to enter all three numbers that follow the last number in your gift card’s serial code.

2. Check credit in the card

Once you have all three numbers, go to https://giftcardgranny.com/check-gift-card-balance/ where you will see the amount of credit on the card. If there is no information about GameStop gift cards available, simply click on the button: “how do I check balance of my GameStop gift card?” that is located below.

3. Make sure about available balance

To make sure you are using your credit wisely, it is strongly suggested to see how much credit is available on your card before buying products on GameStop’s official website and while checking the Balance Check page. This will guarantee you that your money will not be wasted due to any mistakes.

4. Sign into your account or Register new one

When the time comes in which you want to use the rest of the credit on your GameStop gift card, simply click on “use” and sign into a new account by clicking on New Account (if you already have one). If not, just enter all required information on fields. Once everything is filled out correctly, click on Register button and you’re done! You now have an account under your name or the one of a person who gave you this card as a gift.

5. Add product into cart

After you have signed into your new account, go to https://www.gamestop.com/browse?nav=16k-giftcards and choose the product of your choice, add it to your cart and complete its order.

Voila! This was all you needed to know about checking GameStop gift card balances before buying anything on their official website. If you want any further information about this topic, or if you have any additional questions about checking GameStop gift card balances, you can Google your queries and find detailed solutions. 

Some Details about GameStop Gift Cards and Deals

GameStop gift cards present an ultimate convenience for consumers!

Leave your wallet at home and use a GameStop Gift Card to purchase games, consoles and electronics at GameStop stores or online. With over 2000 locations in the US, purchasing with a gift card is much more convenient than waiting for holiday shopping lines or paying for shipping online. Using your gift card can also help avoid shipping charges when purchasing items online.

Avail promotional offers with Gift Cards

Like most retailers, GameStop also has promotions available with their gift cards. Such promos are usually for select gift cards and may require you to spend a certain amount in order to qualify or redeem the bonus value of the card. For example, if you spend $200 on a GameStop Gift Card, you can receive an extra $10 in value.

While all gift cards function the same, there are slight differences between each type of card. For example, GameStop branded gift cards usually include a generic design and may not have any special offers associated with it. Another variation is that some gift cards come in two varieties: physical or e-gift cards. Physical gift cards can be used on any platform, including GameStop.com, while e-gift cards are non-specific and cannot be used to purchase games online.

Since they are considered a down payment for purchases, GameStop Gift Cards can only be used as full payment toward the purchase of video games at their original purchase price. For example, a $50 game may only be paid for with a gift card in the amount of $50 or more.

GameStop Offers Exciting Ways to Save Money

GameStop is always finding ways to help their customers save money and get the most out of their purchases. Take advantage of current promotions by contacting one of their customer service representatives directly at (888) 218-4427 (for international calls, dial 00+1+630+869+1500).

For more information about GameStop and their gift cards, visit www.GameStop.com or call 1-800-883-8895 to contact their customer service. So, you can have detailed answers to your queries. 


The above guide will definitely help you out in checking your GameStop gift card balance. Hurry up, and check your available credit to avail exciting offers and deals. So, you can avail more on GameStop from your available balance in gift card.

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