5 Hopes For Playstation’s State of Play

State of Play is commencing on June 2nd and potentially there are some amazing announcements that could be made.

1. God of War Ragnarok Release Date

Anyone who owns a PS4 or PS5 is eager for this announcement. After God of War 2018’s masterclass, we have all anticipated this release. According to reports, developers have confirmed it is still on the way this year and in Korea, it got rated for September. Giving us a release date now would make perfect sense.

2. Final Fantasy 16 Trailer and Release Date

The original trailer was released over a year ago and we are expecting a release date now. The producer announced that FF16 was nearing completion and that a trailer was coming soon. So, it would make massive sense for it to be shown on a massive stage like this.

3. Resident Evil 4 Remake Official Announcement

Resident Evil has been releasing a new game, then a remake the following year for the past four years and Resident Evil 8 came out last year. So it seems time for Resident Evil 4 to get its own remake. This one is extremely likely with how Capcom has been pumping out Resident Evil games over the past few years. And it was confirmed to be in development a while ago.

4. Silent Hill Official Announcement

Tonnes of leaks have already come out for the game, which you can see on The Games Cabin https://thegamescabin.com/multiple-silent-hill-games-are-supposedly-on-the-way/. It seems likely we will see something Silent Hill related for State of Play, however, we’re unsure of what it will be. It could be a remake, or a new instalment altogether. Regardless, it would be exciting to see Silent Hill come back.

5. The Last of Us Remake and Factions 2 Announcement

Not that anyone asked for a remake, but nonetheless it’s coming. Hopefully, nothing changes bar the graphics and improvements to gameplay that part 2 made as the original Last of Us is near perfection.

Factions 2 is extremely exciting. It was confirmed that it’ll be a stand-alone title as it has been too long to release on The Last of Us Part 2. Factions was a massive hit and one of the few multiplayer games that made stealth work. Having the initiative to scavenge during matches and to kill your opponents was fantastic and hopefully, we can see an announcement on June 2nd.