7 Little Words Answers for August 6 2022

7 Little Words is a unique style of crossword where the game developer provides players with combinations of letters, the player must solve the clues by combining the letter combinations together to define the answer. For example, it provides the letters CRO, WO, RD, and SS, with the answer to the clue being ‘Crossword’, the player must combine the letter combinations together to spell the word. The puzzle also provides a hint for how many letters are contained within each answer for the clues provided, giving you that edge to get you started.

The puzzle is extremely fun and challenging, and what’s even better is that in addition to the seven clues each day on the 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle, there are also four bonus rounds available for app users, with seven further clues to solve per each bonus round, so a total of 35 clues to solve each day. The app is also completely free to play, so if you’re a fan of crosswords and puzzles, it’s definitely one for you to try.

As with any crossword or puzzle though, each day the clues can be extremely difficult given how expansive the general knowledge category goes, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of, and we’ve got you covered with all 35 answers right here.

7 Little Words Daily and Bonus Puzzle Answers

Below you will find all of the answers broken down into categories for the daily puzzle, available via your browser and all four daily bonus puzzles, available on the dedicated 7 Little Words IOS and Android apps. You will need to click into each clue to see the answer.

7 Little Words Daily Puzzle Answers August 6 2022 Clue Answers

7 Little Words Daily Bonus 1 Puzzle Answers August 6 2022 Clue Answers

7 Little Words Daily Bonus 2 Puzzle Answers August 6 2022 Clue Answers

  • Mastercard alternative
  • Lug around
  • Term of respect
  • Makes a group at work
  • Art of throwing one’s voice
  • Vacuum cleaner brand
  • More luxurious
  • 7 Little Words Daily Bonus 3 Puzzle Answers August 6 2022 Clue Answers

    7 Little Words Daily Bonus 4 Puzzle Answers August 6 2022 Clue Answers

    There you have it, all of the answers to today’s daily and bonus puzzles in 7 Little Words. We publish a new guide every day with the answers to make sure you’re always covered if you get stuck on any of the clues. We also cover a whole range of crosswords, in case you want to expand your crossword puzzles every day, check out our Crossword Clues page to find everything we cover.

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