8 Games Like Dark Souls

Here’s a list of 8 under the radar Soulslike Games.
8 games like dark souls soulslike

Searching for some new and challenging games to play? Here’s a list of Soulslike games we’ve found that you may not be familiar with. Many of these games are in early access so keep your eye out for when these games will release. We’ve put them in order of what we think is going to be more worth your time to look at today. Enjoy!


Unsighted is a real gem of a game that has gone under the radar. It has soulslike combat set in a zelda-like world with a pixel art-style. Don’t sleep on this game, it is very polished and rivals that of Nintendo games in terms of quality and depth.

The world is massive and intertwined with secret shortcuts. The combat allows for loadout selections of different weapon combinations. There is an extensive limitless upgrade crafting system that you unlock along the playthrough. The games ending can be different depending on your choices along the way. This is a highly replayable game and also features Co-Op and other challenge modes.



Enchain is a soulslike movement shooter, similar to the game Ultrakill, which gathers it’s inspiration from the early days of FPS’s like Quake. Players must Hack and slash through frenetic platforming with fast-paced gunplay. Smash the undead into pieces with a lantern hook and a vast array of guns.

The movement and combat is really well defined with a surprising amount of weapon and movement combo opportunities. Gather resources, explore a non-linear world, rest at lantern posts and a nice atmospheric soundtrack.

There is a demo you can download for free today, and the expected release date is sometime in 2022.


There Is No Light

There Is No Light is yet another isometric pixel art-style Souls-like action RPG. But don’t be fooled, it’s set in a Grim and dark world that is surprisingly a joy to observe and explore. Players must adjust their playstyle by switching between the 4 main weapons on the go. There are hundreds of monsters and bosses. The story is non-linear and packed with meaningful choices. Featuring a massive skill tree system.

There is currently no set release date yet. The publisher HypeTrain Digital is well known for some very high quality games, so keep this one on your radar!


Starry Knight

Starry Knight is a 2d sidescrolling boss rush soulslike game where you play as Vincent Van Gogh wielding a Paintbrush and Palette as a Sword and Sheild. It has taken the art of Vincent Van Gogh’s traditional impressionism paintings and turned it into a game. The name is very clearly a play on the painting A Starry Night and is a wonderful tribute to the artist. The Combat is very basic hack and slash mechanics.


Project Lilith

Project Lilith is currently in Alpha with a Demo available to download right now. It’s release date is currently to be determined. It is only one level so it is very bare bones, but if the game is fleshed out into a full release it could be very promising. It has a combat rating system and an inventory to try out different weapons.


Death Trash

Death Trash is set in a post-apocalyptical world inspired by gore-punk and Lovecrafting aesthetics. It has a charming sense of humor and a beautiful pixelated world. The combat is pretty basic with ranged and melee options, and stealth. It features multiple choice dialogue options and a crafting system. It has a lot going for it and the game has a lot of potential to be made into something really special. It is a single player game but offers local co-op gameplay as well.

The game is in early access as of Aug 5,2021 and there is a Demo you can download now.



Unsouled is an isometric pixel art-style Souls-like action RPG. It has very fast-paced and stylish combat that requires meticulous timing and control, which leads it to be very rewarding when you can pull certain moves off. There are skill combos and counterattacks which add a level of depth to the combat. The world has many interactive moments and special “Souls” to unlock new attributes for your abilities.

The game is currently in Early Access as of Nov 16th, 2021 and doesn’t have a set full release date planned.



CubeCube is a surprisingly difficult souls-like game in a cute but artsy painterly graphical setting. The game is in Early Access on Steam, and it is definitely in an unrefined state. The combat seems clunky and a lot of the graphics settings need to be tuned-in in order to reduce the damage to your retinas. The UI is straight up hideous. It doesn’t seem to be in line with the environment design and it’s an eyesore to behold. There is a stark contrast between the stylized environment and the early 2000’s style of menus. But this game looks promising if it can find it’s footing.