9.5 Million Steam Players Ditched Their Mums on Mother’s Day

For most people Mother’s Day is spent getting up early, cooking a nice brekky for Mum and hoping she doesn’t realise that your gift for here came from Poundland. It’s okay, she’ll probably never know.

That may be the typical Mother’s Day for most, but not for everyone. In fact, 9.5 million Steam users decided that Mum can sort herself out as they logged in with Steam and spent the Sunday gaming.

Yes, just over 9.5 million players logged into Steam today to mug people in GTA V, call others ‘noobs’ in Dota 2 and learn Russian in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

All jokes aside, it’s actually quite an impressive number for the service and shows that the PC gaming market continues to grow.

steam numers 2

Wondering what games were being played the most while millions of Mums around the world considered kicking their grown-up kids out of the house? Check out the list below.

steam numbers

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