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A New Patch is Incoming for The Crew: Wild Run – Photo Mode, Monthly Rewards and More

Ubisoft has decided to shed some light onto The Crew: Wild Run’s upcoming patch via the game’s very own website. As of yet there’s no official release date for the patch, although the first new feature is coming on January 25th. That new feature being the Speed Trap Challenge, which involves players searching for the best paths to pass the radar points at maximum speed, we’re sure road safety authorities will love that. It also turns out that last-gen remasters won’t be the only games boasting photo modes when The Crew’s patch is released, although it seems The Crew’s upcoming photo mode will only be accessible during FreeDrive. Then there’s The Summit monthly reward bonus, which will give players a chance to win an exclusive vehicle, but only if they perform well during the last week of the month.

After that there’s just the boring old regular patch malarkey left to talk about. There will be improvements in the following areas: monster truck gameplay, Crew time attack missions, drift missions and improvements to eight vehicles (including the Chevrolet Camaro RS 1969 and the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizone). There will also be some improvements to handling while using driving wheels, manual gearboxes and clutches. Lastly you can look forward to improved vehicle spawn locations on certain missions – seriously exciting stuff, right?

While, as mentioned, there’s no official release date for the majority of the patches’ content there is a release date, of January 25th, for the Speed Trap Challenge, so presumably the rest will follow soon after. What do you think the Wild Run expansion so far? Are you disappointed that the patch doesn’t offer up some of those sweet PlayStation-esque stability improvements? Let us know down in the comments.

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