Aeternum’s Echo – New World Legendary Void Gauntlet

Aeternum's Echo legendary new world void gauntlet

What is Aeternum’s Echo Void Gauntlet?

Aeternum’s Echo is a Legendary Void Gauntlet in New World. In this article we go over how to get the Aeternum’s Echo and what the requirements are. It is one of the many Legendary Void Gauntlets that exist in the game. Follow this link to see the other Void Gauntlets and how to get them. Some of these are dropped by enemies, others are in chests, some are crafted recipes, and some are quest lines to craft a specific weapon.

Aeternum’s Echo Stats At 600 Gear Score

  • 600 Gear Score
  • 54 Base Damage
  • 2.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 42.0 Block Stamina Damage
  • 42.0 Stagger Damage
  • 20% Block Stability
  • 81 Void Damage
  • 81 Fire Damage
  • 10 Focus
  • 20 Intelligence

Perks on Legendary Aeternum’s Echo

  • Empty Gem Socket: An empty socket for a gem.
  • Mortal Lifesteal: When you kill something gain 4.8% health. (5s cooldown.)
  • Mortal Refreshment: When you kill something reduce all cooldowns by -5%. (5s cooldown.)
  • Refreshing Move: Light and Heavy attacks reduce your active weapon cooldowns by 2.8%.

How To Get Aeternum’s Echo in New World

The Legendary Aeternum’s Echo Void Gauntlet is a world drop that can be dropped by over 800 different enemies within New World. The main requirements for how to get Aeternum’s Echo is for you to be in a zone level 59 or higher and kill enemies there.

The Aeternum’s Echo can also be found in ancient chests and supply caches of all kinds in level 59+ zones as well. Here are some locations you can check for these chests and caches in these zones:

Reekwater Supply Crates & Ancient Chest Locations

In Reekwater you can find Obsidian Sandpaper, Aged Tannin, Pure Solvent, Obsidian Flux, and Wireweave from Supply Crates and Ancient Chests. If you head out east of town, you can hit three major farming paths outlined before. There is also a starred area to the south with elite chests, but you will likely need a group if you want to venture down there.

reekwater supply crate locations

Great Cleave Supply Crates & Ancient Chest Locations

In Great Cleave you can find Fine Sandpaper, Rested Tannin, Potent Solvent, Shelldust Flux, and Silkweave from Supply Crates and Ancient Chests. Very similar to the provision crates, you can find amazing farm areas for supply crates right down the middle of the region from South-North.

great cleave supply crate locations
Map courtesy of

Shattered Mountain Supply Crates & Ancient Chest Locations

In Shattered Mountain you can find Obsidian Sandpaper, Aged Tannin, Pure Solvent, Obsidian Flux, and Wireweave from Supply Crates and Ancient Chests. There are some very densely populated areas for these crates and chests, but make sure you bring your A-Game because you will have many tough enemies to take care of first!

shattered mountain supply crate locations

Other Legendary Void Gauntlets and Where to Get Them

Void Gauntlet NameRarityTierGear Score
Black Hole LegendaryV500-600
Wicked FuryLegendaryV500-600
Aeternum’s EchoLegendaryV500-600
Hallowed FistLegendaryV500-600
Raging GreedLegendaryV500-600
Arcane ShadowLegendaryV500-600
Devouring FearLegendaryV500-600
Great DecayLegendaryV500-600
Shadow WeaverLegendaryV500-600
Dark FeastLegendaryV500-600
Midnight MoonLegendaryV500-600
Shattered NebulaLegendaryV500-600
Obsidian TerrorLegendaryV500-600
Spectral ArsonLegendaryV500-600
Sacrificial LambLegendaryV500-600
Freezing VoidLegendaryV500-600
Piercing HorrorLegendaryV500-600
Raging StrikersLegendaryV500-600
Absolute TerrorLegendaryV500-600
Violent MiseryLegendaryV500-600
Shattered SoulsLegendaryV500-600
Hallowed TormentLegendaryV500-600
Corrupted RebirthLegendaryV500-600
Haunting SpecterLegendaryV500-600
Refreshing HarvestLegendaryV500-600
Dark VengeanceLegendaryV500-600
Decayed SpiritLegendaryV500-600
Corrosive EarthLegendaryV500-600
Unstoppable DecayLegendaryV500-600
Rotten LimbLegendaryV500-600
Disintegrating DepthsLegendaryV500-600
Wild BlightLegendaryV500-600
Corrupt SacrificeLegendaryV500-600
Morbid GiftLegendaryV500-600
Inevitable DesolationLegendaryV500-600
Heaven’s RiftLegendaryV500-600
Vow of VengeanceLegendaryV500-600
Tarnished SoulLegendaryV500-600
Murky WatersLegendaryV500-600
Immortal AbyssLegendaryV500-600
Silent GriefLegendaryV500-600
Call of the VoidLegendaryV500-600
Mortifying ClutchLegendaryV500-600
Moonless NightLegendaryV500-600
Starless SkyLegendaryV500-600
Wretched GripLegendaryV500-600
Empty ConscienceLegendaryV500-600
Reign of DarknessLegendaryV500-600
Nothingness LegendaryV600
Scheming Omega Void Gauntlet of the MageLegendaryV600-600
Scheming Omega Void Gauntlet of the MageLegendaryV620-620
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