All Logging Perks in New World

logging perks new world

The following table is a list of all the currently available perks you can add to benefit logging when crafting in New World. Keep this in mind if you are looking to increase your yield, make logging faster, or have better chances at finding rare items while logging.

If you use certain charms when crafting your gear, you can ensure that your gear gets these perks on it. Be sure to utilize these charms to get the perks and start getting rare items while logging in New World!

As you will read in the description, each of these perks scales depending on the gear score it is applied to. The higher the gear score, the better your perk!

Currently there are only 2 perks known for logging. As new information comes out or is added to the same, we will update this table.

Logging LuckLogging AxeWhile Logging gain 2.0%-9.3% chance at finding rare items.
Lumberjack’s DisciplineLogging AxeGain 3.0%-9.4% more Logging experience