All Mining Food Buffs and Charms in New World

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In this article we will cover all of the food buffs and charms in New World for mining. This information is also covered in our Complete Mining Guide for New World.

Food Buffs for Mining in New World

Cooking food is one of the ways to improve your chances at rare items while mining in New World. When you have added mining luck, you have chances to obtain items such as Fae Iron from iron veins for example. The below table shows all food buffs that currently affect mining luck. Be sure to level up your cooking skill early to make the most of your mining runs!

To understand better how the “luck rating” system works with the overall chances, check out this post, it explains how the RNG works exceptionally well.

TierFood NameImageIncrease on Luck RatingDurationLevel Req.Ingredients Needed
1Roasted Potatoes1,00020 Mins01x Peppercorn
1x Butter
1x Potato
2Herb-Roasted Potatoes1,40025 Mins51x Cinnamon
1x Butter
1x Honey
1x Potato
3Boiled Potatoes1,70030 Mins201x Cauliflower
1x Butter
1x Seasoning Blend
1x Water
1x Potato
4Poultry with Roasted Potatoes1,90035 Mins401x Butter
1x Sausage
1x Nut
1x Seasoning Blend
1x Poultry
1x Potato
5Salted Roasted Potatoes2,00040 Mins601x Oregano
1x Parsley
1x Butter
1x Salt
1x Nut
1x Squash
1x Potato


When crafting a mining pickaxe, use a Miner’s Charm to increase the chance of more rare drops from mining, more mining experience, or higher yield when mining. These charms are typically acquired from killing mobs or looting chests. Higher Gear Score will land higher percentages. There are currently three miner’s charms in the game:

Using these charms when crafting will give you the Miner’s Luck perk to your pickaxe. The Miner’s Luck perk does not affect Equipment and Item drops, it only affects the drop rate of the Rare Resources associated with the resource being gathered. These rare resources will be discussed in the next section of the Complete New World Mining Guide.

You can get the Miner’s Luck perk on your mining pick, your amulet, and also your armor to stack these chances. You can also randomly gain this perk when crafting, if you are lucky!

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