All Skinning Food Buffs in New World

skinning food buffs new world

In New World, you can make food to create buffs your luck while skinning. In this article we show all skinning food buffs available in New World that affect skinning and what their ingredients are.

How To Make Skinning Buff Food in New World

Cooking food is one of the ways to improve your chances at rare items while skinning in New World. When you have added skinning luck, you have chances to obtain special items while skinning. The below table shows all food buffs that currently affect skinning luck. Be sure to level up your cooking skill early to make the most of your skinning runs!

To understand better how the “luck rating” system works with the overall chances, check out this post, it explains how the RNG works exceptionally well.

Tier Food Name Image Increase on Luck Rating Duration Level Req. Ingredients Needed
1 Roasted Carrots 1,000 20 Mins 0 1x Carrot
1x Honey
1x Nutmeg
2 Herb-Roasted Carrots 1,400 25 Mins 5 1x Carrot
1x Water
1x Garlic
1x Peppercorn
3 Carrot Soup 1,700 30 Mins 20 1x Carrot
1x Water
1x Seasoning Blend
1x Cooking Oil
1x Paprika
4 Vegetable Boil 1,900 35 Mins 40 1x Carrot
1x Cabbage
1x Water
1x Nut
1x Cauliflower
1x Cooking Oil
5 Savory Fish Cake 2,000 40 Mins 60 1x Carrot
1x Fish Fillet
1x Seasoning Blend
1x Garlic
1x String Bean
1x Butter
1x Rosemary

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