All Trophies to Increase Logging Luck in New World

logging trophy new world

There are 3 trophies to increase Logging Luck in New World that you can make to store in your house, if you own one yet. You can craft these using the Furnishing skill. These trophies significantly increase your logging luck and therefore your chances at finding rare items while cutting down trees. Here is a breakdown of all Logging trophies in New World.

TrophyImageLogging Luck BonusIngredients
Minor Logging Gathering Trophy50025x Lumber
20x Steel Ingot
1x Maple Stain
25x Air Mote
Basic Logging Gathering Trophy1,00025x Wyrdwood Planks
20x Starmetal Ingot
1x Oak Stain
1x Lumberjack’s Token
Major Logging Gathering Trophy1,50025x Ironwood Planks
20x Orichalcum Ingot
1x Mahogany Stain
1x Pure Resin