Amazon Offering Free NBA 2K16 With Gears of War Xbox One 500GB and Madden 1TB Xbox One Bundles

Amazon really, really wants you to play NBA 2K16 this year, or at least that’s how it seems. The online retail giant is bundling in the latest basketball sim with select Xbox One bundles.

The Gears of War Xbox One bundle and Madden 16 1TB Xbox One bundle are both coming with a little bonus in the form of NBA 2K16. Better yet, unlike in some cases, Amazon is offering the extra game in its physical form rather than as a downloadable digital game. Not bad, eh?

The Gears of War bundle comes with the stock 500GB hard drive, though, so if you’re looking for that extra space then you’ll probably want to go for the Madden bundle, though it’ll cost you $50 more than the former.

It’s not a bad offer, but we’re still waiting for some official price-drops and mega-bundles which will surely come the closer we get to the Christmas shopping period.

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