Andean land Crossword Clue and Answer

The world now, more than ever, enjoys puzzles and crosswords as part of their daily lives and for many reasons. People may use crosswords to keep their minds stimulated and stretch their general knowledge beyond ever before, or maybe waiting in line, or on public transport, they need something to keep them entertained. No matter what the reason, crosswords and puzzles are a great addition to anyone’s lives.

Since the first crossword puzzle was published, back on December 21, 1913 featured on the Fun Page of the New York World, crosswords have only evolved and increased in volume over the years. We’re not at the point where they’re so easily available to anyone with a tap on their mobile phones, meaning you really can play them any time and anywhere.

Along with the evolution of crosswords though, comes an evolution of difficulty as creators try to expand the general knowledge required in each puzzle to keep their readers entertained. With crosswords being so difficult, there’s no surprise they are sometimes a little too hard and a helping hand is required. That’s where we come in at The Games Cabin, with the answer to the Andean land crossword clue.

Andean land Crossword Clue Answer

The below answer was found within the Eugene Sheffer Crossword on October 12 2022 and may be the possible answer to the clue you’re seeking help for. We say may, because each puzzle and clue has multiple answers and if you’re working on a different puzzle, the answer may be different, so it’s worth checking the number of letters and cross-referencing the answer.

  • PERU
  • 4 Letters

We hope that helped, and you managed to finish the puzzle you’re deciphering today. If the puzzle was the Eugene Sheffer Crossword, you can also find all of the clue answers in this handy guide of the Eugene Sheffer Crossword Clues and Answers for October 12 2022.

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