TGC Speedy Review: Rayman Jungle Run

raymanjunglerunHow does the limbless wonder fare on mobile devices?

Who doesn’t love Rayman? He has no arms or legs, he’s basically disabled, but he is amazing, because he’s Rayman.

And so is his latest outing, this time on mobile devices.

Retaining the vibrant 2D graphics from Rayman Origins, and easy to pick up and play controls, Rayman Jungle Run is an instant classic.

The amount of levels on offer is more than enough to justify the £1.99 asking price. That’s not all, the game is actually pretty good, even if it is played with a touch-screen.

In fact, the controls are probably the easiest to master, easily outsmarting other touch-screen controlled games, and this is what makes it such a playable title.

You’ll be taping away as you progress further into the game, unlocking new abilities and such along the way. It’s not the deepest gameplay you’ll ever see, but for less than two quid, you can’t complain with what’s on offer, and with the ease of entry, it’s a great time waster.

Priced at £1.99 on the Google Play Store, it’s a game worthy of its price tag. With enough to keep you playing over and over again, there’s enough content here to keep you busy in those short moments on the go.

End Score: 8/10

Have you played Rayman Jungle Run? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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