Angus hates Aliens Out Now on European PSN; Screenshots Inside

Team Stendec’s Angus hates Aliens is releasing today via the European PlayStation Store for the PS Vita, PS3 and, if you still have one lying around, the PSP.

You’ll take control of the affable hillbilly Angus as he attempts to save the world from evil alien menace. We’ve spent a few minutes getting to grips with the game for our upcoming review and so far it’s looking to be another great addition to the expansive PlayStation library of games.

Angus hates Aliens comes from the small German indie studio Team Stendec which was founded by two fellas with dreams of making great games. One of them is actually quite an experienced programmer within the industry after having worked on the Splinter Cell series as well as EA’s Army of Two: The 40th Day.

Angus hates Aliens is out now on the PSN for the price of £4.99.

We’ll be posting our review of the game once we’ve given it a thorough play through, so check back in with The Games Cabin soon.

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