Animal Crossing New Horizons Fireworks Show

The Animal Crossing Fireworks Show runs every Sunday during August and offers players a chance to make their own firework designs and enter Redd’s raffle for prizes. To learn more about the Fireworks display in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and how to access it, read here.

Animal Crossing: When Is The Fireworks Show?

The Fireworks Show takes place each Sunday during August. For 2022, this is August 7, 14, 21, and 28.

The show commences at 7pm, after which Redd’s stall will open for business. Isabelle will gift you with a Star bopper headband once the show starts. A cutscene will trigger once 7pm rolls around, after which your island will be illuminated with fireworks.

Animal Crossing Fireworks Show: Redd’s Raffle

Animal Crossing Redd Raffle

To enter Redd’s Raffle, interact with his stall outside of Resident’s Services. Tickets cost 500 bells each and will give you the chance for a random item to be added to your inventory. The items range from minor decorations to edible snacks. Item numbers change with each interaction and the items you can get include:

  • Frozen Treats in various flavours (ramune soda, orange, chocolate)
  • Boba Tea in assorted flavours (mango, strawberry, milk, green, tea)
  • Boba Coffee
  • Pinwheel
  • Cotton Candy (ramune soda, plain, strawberry, etc.)
  • Uchiwa Fan
  • Balloons in assorted colours (green, red, blue, pink, etc.)
  • Fountain Firework
  • Sparklers in assorted colours (red, blue)
  • Bubble Blowers

Animal Crossing Fireworks Show: How To Enter A Display

Have your custom designs ready for Isabelle, via the phone app. Either before or during the show you can interact with Isabelle and give her your design through the app. Your design will then be part of the fireworks display. Simple designs transfer onto the fireworks better than others. You can choose up to ten designs to be added to the firework roster.

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