Anime Adventures Trello, Discord, and Wiki

There’s no doubt that Roblox games go through a variety of updates, new iterations, and codes in an effort to keep fans engaged throughout the development process and when the final iteration is out in the wild. On that journey, players can utilise the developer’s game Trello, Discord, and more.

In this guide, we’ll be providing you with some key bits of information. Anime Adventures Trello, if there is an Anime Adventures Discord, and some general Anime Adventures wiki questions so that you’re as informed as possible about this popular Roblox game going into it for the first time.

Anime Adventures Trello

Below is the Anime Adventures Trello link. This will take you to the board that has all the information about the potential development cycle of Anime Adventures, if there are codes related to the game, and maybe some FAQs that you might also want answers to.

Anime Adventures Trello –

Anime Adventures Discord

While you’ll likely get a bunch of information about the game from its Trello, if you want to get involved in the community, joining its Discord could be the ideal way to do so.

Here is the direct Anime Adventures Discord link, so you can get your request in to join:

Anime Adventures Discord –

Anime Adventures Wiki

What is Anime Adventures?

Anime Adventures takes a new direction in the Roblox universe, allowing players to dive into a tower defence game mode. Playing either solo or cooperatively, players will face against increasingly challenging waves of enemies. As you progress, you’ll gain gems from beating many of the game modes, which can then be exchanged at the Travelling Merchant Shop for an array of rewards.

How to play Anime Adventures

Unfortunately, there’s no list of official controls available for the game at present, however, it appears to be an easy-to-pick-up mix of traditional Roblox with tower defence controls.