Another Dead Island Remaster Listing Appears for Xbox One/PS4 With a Release Date of December 4th

Remasters have become a quick and easy way for publishers to make a few extra quid in between big releases. It’s not a terrible thing as it allows players to experience games that they may have missed out on last-gen in their best form on their next-gen consoles.

One game that could definitely do with a remaster is Techland’s Dead Island. It was a decent game when it released and the RPG aspects really added a layer of depth that open-world games tend to lack; plus the zombie killing was frigging immense. Unfortunately it suffered some horrific glitches on the PS3 and Xbox 360 (the PC release was a little better) and the frame rate was downright criminal at times.

It looks like we’re going to see a PS4/Xbox One update sooner rather than later if Swiss outlet is to be believed. The website recently posted a listing for the next-gen version of the game before taking it down. We’ve got a screen cap below that shows a supposed release date of December 4th. There’s nothing official at the moment but we’ve fired off an email to Techland to see what’s going on. We’ve also sent a second email just to let them know we’re serious.

Dead Island 2 is due out sometime next year on Xbox One, PC, and PS4, so a remaster wouldn’t be the worst way to introduce newcomers to the series.


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