April 2016 Games With Gold Revealed

Well, Microsoft has done alright this month, hasn’t it? The platform holder teased a few days ago that April’s Games With Gold would be a blockbuster month and now that we know what’s being dished out to Xbox Live Gold members, we’re happy to say that Microsoft has delivered.

There was a leak a few days ago that suggest Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us would be part of the line up. Guess what? It really is. You’ll be able to download The Wolf Among Us for the entire month of April on Xbox One. There’s also the awesomely colourful Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One that’s available from April 16th through until May 15th.

The Xbox 360 games coming this month are Dead Space and Saints Row IV, the former being available from April 1st through until April 15th, the latter being available from April 16th through to April 30th. Remember, if you’re an Xbox One owner then you can download these Xbox 360 games to your Xbox One and play them on that rather than pulling out the dusty Xbox 360.

Happy with this month’s offerings? How can you not be?! Give us a shout down below.