Are Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Starters Shiny-Locked?

Before starting your journey in the Paldea region in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, you must know if the Pokemon Scarlet And Violet starters are Shiny-locked. By knowing that, players can avoid soft resets in hopes of obtaining Shiny Pokemon from the get-go. So, continue reading our guide on Shiny-locked Pokemon Scarlet And Violet starters to learn more. 

Are Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Starters Shiny Locked?

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
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Yes! The three starter Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, Sprigatitio, Fueococo, and Quaxly are Shiny-locked. It implies that irrespective of the soft resets, you can never obtain their Shiny variants at the beginning of the game. 

The Shiny-lock on starter Pokemon is done to ensure players don’t spend hundreds of hours playing the same intro again and again in hopes of obtaining a Shiny variant of any of the three starter Pokemon. 

However, that doesn’t mean that the said Pokemon don’t have their Shiny variants. You can get the Shiny variant of Sprigatitio, Fueococo, and Quaxly, by hatching their respective eggs, although it still depends on luck. 

You can use the newly added Pokemon Picnic feature and place a Female of any of the three starter Pokemon with a Ditto or their respective Male-type and then hatch the produced egg for a chance to obtain Shiny. 

Random encounters in the overworld are yet another method of obtaining Shiny versions of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, but similar to any other way; it depends on luck. 

That concludes our guide on ‘are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters Shiny-locked’. 

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