Argos is Offering Awesome Value on PS4s in Ireland

Irish gamers listen up, if you haven’t made the jump to current-gen gaming just yet then this might be a prime opportunity to do so. Argos is offering PS4s, with games, at game changing prices. For €349.99 you can nab yourself a 1TB console with a free copy of FIFA 16, oddly enough that same offer applies to the 500GB model but costs €10 more , we needn’t tell you which is better value. If FIFA’s not your cup of tea then don’t worry because there’s also a 500GB Destiny: The Taken King bundle, although you’re still probably better off going with the 1TB bundle and just leaving your copy of FIFA back to GameStop against a copy of Destiny. If you want to see the bundles for yourself just hit the source down below.

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  1. Oh God no, go to any CEX in Ireland instead with your copy of FIFA to trade in. You will LITERALLY get more cash from CEX to spend wherever you want than the Store Credit that Gamestop will give you for FIFA 16.

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