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batman-arkham-origins-game“Why do we fall Master Wayne? So that we can pick ourselves back up”Batman Begins

In my previous article I spoke of a few issues that could potentially arise with the upcoming Batman Arkham Origins. My concerns were put to rest as I was informed, by an eagle-eyed reader, that Warner Bros. were consulting RockSteady with their progress and developments of the new Arkham game. But, is it me, or does that seem a bit strange that Warner Bros. have taken RockSteady off development yet keeping them in the loop?

Black Mask looks awesome.
Black Mask looks awesome.

Well more details of the game have been released. As a young Batman taking Gotham by storm, you’ve upset a couple of characters. One of them being Black Mask and he’s rumuored to have put a bounty on Batman. Deathstroke, ‘The Worlds Greatest Assassin’, is allegedly going to be one of eight assassins out for the bounty money and also Batman’s life, or as I think, Batman’s identity. This all takes place on the brand new stage of new Gotham, which is apparently over twice the size of Arkham City. This is exciting as this still means free roaming is the main form of travelling from mission to mission, however, there’s a new feature added to accompany the vast scope of the new city which is the ability to ‘fast travel’. This could make, assuming there are Riddler challenges, doing these challenges less tedious as you won’t strolling from location to location.

Deathstroke in a badass outfit.

I also predicted that we could see the beginning of the Joker in the new game. The graphic novel The Killing Joke, is not only fantastic but also explains the more believed origin of the Joker, and in Arkham City, the Joker, when trying to enter the Steel Mill for the second time, says to the henchman as you’re taking them out one by one “You guys are like family to me. And you know how much pain I went through killing my family,” which could indicate that in Arkham Origins we could be introduced to the mission where Joker is tricked into being Red Hood as Red Hood could be one of the assassins you’re meant to hunt down. (This is all just my own theories, but it’s definitely possible.)

For those of us who are interested in the Batman’s detective work and felt let down that RockSteady didn’t push as much as they could’ve in Arkham City, will be pleased to know that there are more missions in Arkham Origins to do with detective work including working different cases with the Gotham Police (GCPD) or alternatively you could be putting a Batarang in normal crime as your glide across the city.

I’m very excited about the game being released later this year and I, for one, will be getting it as soon as it’s released.

My question to you all is, why do you think Warner Bros. have taken the development of the Arkham series off of RockSteady and also which assassins from the DC Universe do you think will be in Arkham Origins?

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  1. If I had to give my most optimistic guess as to why warner gave the game to someone other than Rocksteady, I would have to say that Rocksteady is working on a new IP. i mean, really… these talented guys deserve to make something of their own that’s 100% original. Not that another Batman game from them wouldn’t be welcome, but i’m guessing that, like Media Molecule, that after feasting on Batman and his surrounding lore for a couple of years, they’d like to try a different meal. My knowledge of the Batman assassin’s rogues gallery is limited, sadly. Aside from Deathstroke, I don’t know who I’d want to show up. but I can almost guarantee that the Joker will show up in some form or other. Personally, I’d like to see a less fantastic take on a Batman antagonist, and maybe throw in notorious mob boss Rupert Thorne as a major threat.

    1. Oooo I like your theory. I never thought that Rocksteady could be doing a game of their own. That would be really interesting. However, there were rumours (not for long) that they were going to start work on a Superman game.
      I do agree with you that the Joker will be involved and my theory of Red Hood, I’m almost willing to bet on, will be the way they do it.
      On the other hand,introducing antagonists such as Thorne and even the Carmine Falcone (briefly hinted at in Arkham City, and first featured in Batman: Year one) wouldn’t be a bad way to go at it either.

      Definitely food for thought, thank you kindly.

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