Atlus’ The Deadly Tower of Monsters for PS4/PC Gets a B-Movie Promo Poster

There’s a new game on the horizon for PC and PS4 players, in fact, it’s only a mere eight days away. Well, at the time of writing it is. If you’re reading this from the future, please apply common sense.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is releasing on the PC and PS4 this January 19th and will be published by Atlus. The game is developed by ACE Team. In The Deadly Tower of Monsters you’ll live out the life of a failed actor as he goes through various B-movie-style escapades. It’s a novel concept, but we’re actually quite liking the look of this one. Plus, it looks really nice.

It’s due out in just over  a week, and to celebrate that milestone(?) Atlus has released a new promo poster for the game: a B-movie poster, complete with giant monster and all. It’s down below, so give it a look. Download it. Set it as your phone’s background. Whatever.

We’ll be posting our review of the game shortly after release, so if you’re worried it’s gonna be another dud, be sure to check back with The Games Cabin to read our thoughts on the game.

the deadly tower of monsters poster


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