Bags and Satchels in New World

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Introduction to Bags in New World

Bags and Satchels in New World are obtainable from either the Armoring trade skill or quests. These bags will allow you to carry more weight in your inventory at all times as long as they are equipped. When you see the term encumbrance in relation to New World, it means weight limit.

Increasing your weight limit is a very important thing to do in New World so that you have to stop at settlements much less often. This is particularly important when Mining, Harvesting, Logging, Fishing, or Skinning, as you want to be able to gather many resources.

You do receive a free Worn Traveler’s Satchel from questing around level 12 from a quest called “Between Innkeeps” that will increase your encumbrance by 50. This will mean you can hold 50 weight more than without it. You probably will be looking to craft bags with even more encumbrance limit. Eventually, you will also unlock a second bag slot so you can have 2 equipped.

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Bags in New World To Increase Weight Limit

The following is a list of all bags currently in New World to increase maximum weight limit. Use these to hold more inventory in New World.

TierBag / Satchel NameImageObtainMin. LevelWeight Limit IncreaseBase Tier Ingredients
2Worn Traveler’s BagQuest0Base: 50Quest Reward “Between Innkeeps”
2Coarse Leather Adventurer’s BagArmoring5Base: 120
Min: 80
Max: 180
1x Minor Rune of Holding
45x Coarse Leather
25x Linen
10x Iron Ingots
3Rugged Leather Adventurer’s Bag Armoring 20Base: 180
Min: 90
Max: 240
1x Major Rune of Holding
45x Rugged Leather
25x Sateen
10x Steel Ingot
4Gator Leather BagQuestBase: 255
+Extra Pockets (84)
+Tanner’s Burden (9.1%)
Quest Reward “Ebonscale Alligators”
4Layered Leather Adventurer’s Bag Armoring 40Base: 265
Min: 105
Max: 305
1x Greater Rune of Holding
45x Layered Leather
25x Silk
10x Starmetal Ingot
5Infused Leather Adventurer’s Bag Armoring 60Base: 360
Min: 60
Max: 360
1x Grand Rune of Holding
45x Infused Leather
25x Infused Silk
10x Orichalcum Ingot

Some Notes on the table above:

  • Crafted bags show a base weight limit and a weight limit range potential. Base is the amount you will get at the normal gear score for that item. If you use alternative ingredients, you can increase the gear score to improve the weight limit amount. The higher the gear score, the more weight limit.
  • The Base Tier Ingredients section shows the default ingredients. You can follow the link on the ingredient box to NWDB to see the alternative ingredients you can use instead.