Bargain Alert: Dishonored Going Cheap At GAME

Dishonored-cheap-at-gameBargain alert!

If you’ve yet to get your hands on the fantastic Dishonored from Arkane Studios, now is as good a time as any as UK video game retailer game are currently offering the stealthy action/adventure for just £15.

Dishonored see’s you roam around a steampunk city of Dunwall where you can either go in all weapons bared and ready, or take the silent and deadly approach and assassinate your victims from the shadows, or tougher still, don’t kill anybody at all. Now that’s a challenge.

Dishonored is available here from and you’ll get free delivery as well as reward points if you hold a reward card with the retailer. Points can be used to get money off on other products. Winning!

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Have you played Dishonored? If not, is this deal enough to tempt you? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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