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Batgirl Arkham Knight DLC Now Available on PSN and Xbox Marketplace; 3.2GB File Size

Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass holders have another reason to slip their game disk back into their consoles as the first beefy DLC has been released for Arkham Knight.

You’ll have to make sure that your hard drives are ready for a small beating, though, as the A Matter of Family DLC will take up 3.2GB of disk space. Might be time to upgrade those old 500GB hard drives.

For the time being the Batgirl DLC is only available for Season Pass holders, so if you’ve not bought into the rather pricey golden ticket, you’ll have to wait a while before being able to buy the standalone prequel DLC.

You can download the Batgirl adventure on PSN here and the Xbox Marketplace here. PC players won’t be receiving the extra content until the base-game is fixed, as stated by Warner Bros recently.

The standalone adventure is a prequel to Arkham Knight and puts players in the thug-kicking boots of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl – before she was paralysed by Joker.

Will you be downloading the new DLC, or did you skip out on the Season Pass? Swoop down below and let us know.

[Update] You can watch the game in action here on Twitch. We’ll bring you more gameplay videos very soon.

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    1. 3 hours on and your FB message implores me to play as Batgirl. Except you won’t let me download the DLC. It tells me to choose a version. How about the one on XBox which worked?

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