Batman: Arkham Origins Dev’s Superman Game May Have Just Leaked

Superhero movies are the latest trend in Hollywood and it looks like the gaming world is set to be overrun by men in tights, at least if some leaked images of a new Superman game are to believed.

Not too long ago it was reported that WB Games Montreal is hiring technical folk to work on an open-world game for next-gen consoles and that it would be a new IP exploring DC’s other characters. So, Superman, right?

Well, if the images down below are to believed, then yes, it looks like the Batman: Arkham Origins developer may be working on bringing the primary-colours clad superhero to consoles.

Check out the image and short clip down below.

superman game

They look convincing enough, but we’re not buying it just yet. Why? Well, an unnamed leaker isn’t exactly the best source for information these days – especially when it’s so easy to create believable fakes, as we’ve seen in the past. Plus, if this is for next-gen consoles, why does the image seem to use the Xbox 360 button icons?

Still, it’d be pretty cool to take Superman out for a spin around Metropolis as his last proper venture on home consoles was a bit of a damp squid. Yes, Superman Returns was a crap film and an even worse game.

Would you be interested in an open-world Superman game in the same vein as the Batman: Arkham series, or do you think Superman is just not meant for video-games? Soar down below and let us know.

Source via OnlySP

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