Battlefield 2042 Season One Has A Battle Pass, Which Is Terrible

After the mess Battlefield 2042 was, it would be easy to assume that EA would try to win back fans. However, they’ve decided to release season one with a battle pass. Now it might not seem a big deal at first. After all, so many multiplayer games have a battle pass now.

What is in Battlefield 2042’s battle pass

Weapons and vehicles are hidden behind the battle pass also. If you wanted to get any of the new weapons or vehicles you can get them free in the battle pass at least. There is also a new specialist that is being introduced in season one. It’s the minimum to get free new weapons, vehicles and specialists after how poor 2042 was on launch.

Why is this a big deal

Yet, it is a big deal. Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are free to play games with a battle pass. No one would complain since the gamer itself cost them nothing. Even a game like Rainbow Six Siege, which has been out for about seven years only started one, but after such a long time updating the game it is understandable.

Then Battlefield 2042 has decided to use one. 2042 came out as a complete mess. A game that was full price and hardly worked. IT had so many bugs and had fewer features than previous instalments from over ten years ago. Still, rather than having full free content in a way to say sorry to fans, they have decided to give us a battle pass to spend even more money.

Battlefield 2042 is one of the worst-reviewed games on Steam. It would seem obvious to only bring out free content and win back fans like No Man’s Sky had done before. Battlefield 2042 is a testament to how greedy a company can truly be. Even if the battle pass is cheap there is no excuse to ask fans for even more money.