Best Ahri skins: Ranked From Worst to Best

Find out the best Ahri skins in our review!

Welcome to our newest skin rank list! There is a difficult task ahead of us, and that is ranking Ahri skins in League of Legends. This is a massive job since there are a total of 16 Ahri skins in the game. I don’t know what Riot is doing over there but I think they have a special team that only creates skins for Ahri. There has to be since there is no way that this was made by the same team that does the other stuff. There would be no chance to make them this much and this often.

You can see all of the skin models in Teemo.GG so you don’t have to watch those boring YouTube videos.

I’m already talking a lot, but the job is ahead so let’s begin with the ranking of Ahri skins!

16. Challenger Ahri

challenger ahri
Challenger Ahri

I don’t really like Challenger Ahri since it’s the skin where she looks the least like herself. She looks more like Elise than Ahri.

15. Academy Ahri

academy ahri
Academy Ahri

This is my personal opinion since I myself am not the fan of the Academy skins. No particular problem with Academy Ahri itself.

14. Popstar Ahri

popstar ahri
Popstar Ahri

This is getting out of hand. They have basically made 4 skins for Ahri that have a popstar theme, and 3 of those are KDA Ahri skins, with little tweaks to each one. They are really selling thin air to players.

13. Base Ahri Skin

Base Ahri Skin

I am not the fan of how Base Ahri Skin is made. It looks kind of bland and unexciting.

12. Dynasty Ahri

dynasty ahri
Dynasty Ahri

They just added a new dress to the Base Ahri Skin and ‘’voila’’ you get Dynasty Ahri. This skin feels like a money grab and things like this are going to happen since with every passing year League of Legends is getting worse and Riot is doing nothing about it and in turn only care about making money.

11. Foxfire Ahri

foxfire ahri
Foxfire Ahri

Have you watched Naruto? Yup, couldn’t be more obvious that Foxfire Ahri is just a remake of Naruto’s Nine tailed Fox?

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10. KDA Ahri

kda ahri
KDA Ahri

K-pop anyone? Come on. This is the first out of many.

9. Prestige KDA Ahri

prestige kda ahri

This is the Prestige version of the KDA skin. Its basically a hairstyle, and dress change.


kda all out ahri
KDA All Out Ahri

This one is just a dress and hair color change from the KDA. Seems excessive to have 3 of these.

7. Midnight Ahri

midnight ahri
Midnight Ahri

We are getting somewhere now. Yes they have again just changed her dress and added feathers but at least looks cool, so seventh place is ok for Midnight Ahri.

6. Star Guardian Ahri

star guardian ahri
Star Guardian Ahri

I really don’t like all the Star Guardian stuff but I’ve got to hand it to Riot for this one since all of the animations are different. Not a bad skin for those who like this kind of stuff.

5. Arcade Ahri

arcade ahri
Arcade Ahri

Arcade Ahri is well executed but it doesn’t look as cool as Battle Boss Veigar for example. But still, all of the animations and abilities are different so it’s fifth place for Arcade Ahri.

4. Spirit Blossom Ahri

spirit blossom ahri
Spirit Blossom Ahri

Really well built skin with a totally different feel from original Ahri skin.

3. Elderwood Ahri

elderwood ahri
Elderwood Ahri

Coming in hot at number 3 is Elderwood Ahri. I personally think all of the Elderwood skins are great so this one had to be in the top 3 for sure.

2. Arcana Ahri

arcana ahri
Arcana Ahri

Amazing skin that is among the best Ahri skins in the game. It feels supernatural and unique! Great work for this one Riot!

1. Coven Ahri

coven ahri
Coven Ahri

I’m just a sucker for Coven skins. I can’t help it. I love them all so it had to be like this. The best Ahri skin is Coven Ahri! It feels dark and demonic with a dash of witchcraft in the air. The best skin series in the game for sure.


And there you have it. We have covered all of the Ahri skins and ranked them from worst to best! Stay tuned since this won’t be the end of our skin reviews because we plan to do it for every champion in League of Legends! Check out the latest updates for League of Legends on our website simply by clicking here!