Best Akshan Skins: Ranked From Worst to Best

Find out the best Akshan skins in our review!
best akshan skins

After we have covered Aatrox, Ahri and Akali’s best skins in League of Legends, it’s time to move to the next skin review and this time we are going to cover Akshan. Akshan only has 3 skins including his original skin, so this skin review will be short and sweet.

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Without further ado, let’s begin with the best Akshan skins ranked from worst to best!

3. Cyber Pop Akshan

cyber pop akshan skin hd wallpaper
Cyber Pop Akshan

As you can clearly see, Akshan doesn’t have that many skins so this skin being at the last place doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad, because it’s not. It’s simply means that with 3 solid skins¸one has to be at the last place and for Akshan, that skin is Cyber pop Akshan. I have decided to put it in the last place simply because I prefer Akshan with long hair over this model that has short hair. The plus side is that this skin has a lot of chromas available so you can choose the one that you prefer the most!

2. Original Akshan

original akshan skin hd wallpaper
Original Akshan

In the second place is the Original Akshan skin. I like it. It reminds me of the Prince of Persia, and if you have ever played the game or watched the movie you can clearly see that Akshan was based and influenced by Prince of Persia. A good looking dude with stunning long hair that looks like it has come directly from a Maybeline commercial.

1. Crystal Rose Akshan

crystal rose akshan skin hd wallpaper
Crystal Rose Akshan

The best Akshan skin is Crystal Rose Akshan! The skin looks amazing. It has amazing attention to detail with his fabulous hair and stylish necktie. The number of chromas in this skin is also huge so players can choose the one that suits them the most! It was a tough competition but I think I have made the right choice with ranking Crystal Rose Akshan as The Best Akshan skin!

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And there you have it. We have covered all of the Akshan skins and ranked them from worst to best! Stay tuned since this won’t be the end of our skin reviews, because we plan to do it for every champion in League of Legends!

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