Best Blissey Build: Pokemon Unite 2022

Turns out ignorance isn’t Blissey-ful!
Blissey best build in Pokemon Unite -

Blissey’s Pokedex entry claims that it “has a very compassionate nature”, and if it sees a sick Pokemon “it will nurse the sufferer back to health”. This is also true in the popular MOBA Pokemon Unite – Blissey is a fantastic melee support Pokemon that has found its niche in restoring HP and curing status conditions, whilst having its infamous HP for its own survivability. Seriously – I still have nightmares about fighting a max IV/EV Blissey with Gen 4’s health bar. Horrifying stuff. Pair this support Pokemon with an Attacker or Speedster and you’ll be able to heal your teammates and push hard in early-game lanes.

We’ve put together this guide to help you be the very best, like no one ever was.

Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems Loadout

Blissey best build in Pokemon Unite - emblems

For the optimal Blissey build, maxing HP and Special Attack with Boost Emblems is your best bet. If you go with the moveset we recommend, you should load up 6 Green Emblems to give Blissey a bit of extra Special Attack power, and 4 White Emblems for additional HP.

Your free negative stats to play with are:

  • Attack
  • Critical-Hit
  • Movement Speed

It’s recommended to take either the top or bot lane to support attackers and make an early push on goal-scoring to earn EXP.

Best Item Build for Blissey

Blissey best build in Pokemon Unite - items

Because Blissey is a supporting character, maneuverability is key to rushing in and healing your teammates when necessary. An X Speed as your battle item is the perfect choice for saving the day! If you’re looking for survivability, you can swap this out for a Potion.

The best held items to equip for Blissey are the Wise Glasses to boost special attacks, the Exp. Share to make levelling up easier as you support the laners, and the Buddy Barrier to provide healing and a shield to your teammates.

Best Moveset for Blissey

Blissey best build in Pokemon Unite - using ULT

To take full advantage of Blissey, we recommend running with the ‘Double Egg Build’. The moves Egg Bomb and Soft-Boiled. You’ll learn Egg Bomb at level 6. This offensive move throws enemies backwards, whilst inflicting damage and stunning for a short time.

Soft-Boiled is Blissey’s iconic move that throws an egg to ally Pokemon to restore their HP. You can also heal yourself in a pinch. The amount of HP recovered is affected by Special Attack, which is boosted by your Wise Glasses and Emblem loadout. The higher the stat, the more HP you and an ally recover.

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