Best Buy’s Fallout 4 Gold Bundle Comes With a Special Extra Set of Wearables… They’re Pip-Boy Socks

Retailers often bundle in some exclusive goodies with gaming bundles, whether it’s a console with an extra game or a game with an extra discount/gift card/other crap.

Best Buy has opted to go with ‘other crap’ when it comes to Fallout 4’s gold edition for PS4 and Xbox One. We’re probably being a bit harsh in called it crap because with one downwards glance it’s obvious that the bonus goodies would sure come in handy around The Games Cabin: our socks are in tatters.

The extra socks bundled in with Fallout 4 gold edition are nicely decorated, too. Actually, that sort of depends on your taste in socks. If you’re a plain-wearing sock person then you’ll probably disagree with the Pip-Boy socks, but the more adventurous among you will surely find them to be a great reason to wear shorts in the winter months. You get to show off your manly legs and you get to show the world that you’re a bit of a nerd.

The bundle also comes with the Season Pass, too, but we’re not interested in that; socks come first. Always. Keeping ones feet warm is crucial to survival in the desolate wastelands. Pretty handy around the house, too.

Fallout 4 will nuke your social life to hell this November 10th when it wanders onto PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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